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Adjust the Side Measurement

Step 1


Now that the blade is cutting correctly with respect to the guide, gouge a piece of cane and check which side of the blade the final few cuts of cane come up from.  The blade should cut slightly more towards its inside edge, that is between the bed and the main rod.   This is only a very slight amount and should mainly be noticeable in the final few pass before the finish pass of the carriage.  Adjust the Side Adjustment Screw to correct this effect.  If the cane is coming up from the outside, turn this screw in the direction of THINNER until the cane is cutting correctly.


This adjustment screw should turn in a firm fashion.  If it moves too easily, please read the following PDF file to make the proper adjustments:

Adjusting the Tightness of the GOUGE SIDE ADJUST SCREW.pdf