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Aligning the Blade
Preparation and Tools

You will need the following tools and supplies to do this procedure:

  1. Slotted screw driver

  2. Soaked 10.5mm diameter cane measuring 8.0mm across the flat surface (see section on Cane Preparation)

  3. Micrometer

  4. Reedmaking tools

The 8.0mm measurement above is a result of how much cane is planed  by hand or your planer.  If the cane is wider that 8.0mm, the gouger will need to cut more deeply into the cane to arrive at the proper center measurement.  You are now bringing into play more of the sides of the guide and blade than necessary and undesirable results are likely.  If the cane is too narrow, you may not have a proper width to fit your shaper.  The gouger is designed to balance these "pulling" and "pushing" forces to achieve a proper cutting action or feel.  To avoid problems here, always check that your cane is the proper width.