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Adjusting the Bed Parallel to the Main Rod


If the bed ever needs to be adjusted because is becomes not parallel to the main rod for any reason, you will find this procedure much easier than with older machines.  This bed is pinned on the left side and rotates around that fixed position.  You will notice that there are set screws on the base behind the bed only on the right side.  The brass screw is threaded in the bed and the zinc screw is threaded in the adjustment bar attached to the bed.  The brass screw PULLS the bed and the zinc screw PUSHES the bed.  The bed is locked under the base as in other machines. 

Check the four corners of the gouged piece of cane.  If they differ from one another as below, you will need to adjust the bed alignment to the rod.  (double-click the image to see a larger view)

You will notice that the only measurement that gets modified by moving these set screws is the one at position A above.  The position B is located at the point of the bed that is pinned. 

This might sound complicated, but you will see how easy it is if you ever need to make this adjustment.  In older machines, both sides of the bed are loose and free floating when the bed is unlocked.  This creates too many variables to deal with in a controlled fashion.