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At first glimpse, the Opus 1 looks similar to other gouging machines.  Upon closer examination, however, you will find significant differences.  This machine is an order of magnitude more sophisticated yet much easier to use and understand.

The first thing you should notice is that the carriage is actually in two parts.  They are connected by two parallel rods in reamed holes and are displaced by turned the screw located at the back of the carriage marked SIDE ADJUSTMENT.  This screw will be manipulated to adjust the side thickness of your gouge curve.  With this configuration, the guide is effectively moved towards or away from the main rod as this screw is turned.  This takes the place of having to loosen and move the bed as was necessary in older designs.  Since the bed is not loosened for this adjustment, there is never to worry of maintaining the bed being parallel.  It doesnít change.  There are indications on the machine to determine which way to turn the screw for desired results.  There is one point to remember, make sure that you are always cutting on the INSIDE.  This means that the blade does not cut down the center of the cane.  It slightly favors the side closest to the main rod or THE INSIDE.  This is true for all DOUBLE RADIUS machines.  If there is cane being removed on THE OUTSIDE of the machine or the part of the cane that is closest to you, then the SIDE ADJUSTMENT has been turned too far in the THICKER direction.  Turn the adjustment screw in the THINNER direction until the cane is cutting on the INSIDE and you achieve the desired dimensions.  The screw that is located on the top of the machine below the words SIDE ADJUSTMENT is the lock screw.  Loosen this first before manipulating the side adjustment screw and retighten it when you have finished.

The front wheel adjusts the CENTER THICKNESS of the cane.  The indications on the face of the wheel will instruct you which way to turn the wheel to achieve a desired result.  This screw should be resistant to turn so donít be concerned if you find it stiff.