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Measuring Your Results


It is frustrating to measure cane with some of the micrometers that are being used by many oboists today.  Use two different micrometers and get two different readings.  The problem comes from having the threads of the screw that operates the micrometer giving you a "mechanical advantage" over the soft surface of the cane you are measuring.  This causes the tip of the micrometer to slightly press INTO the surface of the gouged piece of cane.  If the cane is harder, this effect if less...if the cane is softer, this effect is more.

Spring style micrometers (or dial indicators) can help this a little but often the anvil end of the indicator is too thin and the reading can vary with how you hold the piece of cane being measured.

I like to use a set of ELECTRIC DIGITAL CALIPERS to measure the results of my gouging.  The units are inexpensive...you can buy them as cheaply as $50...sometimes even less.  They can, of course, be found for much more as well.  The set you see in the picture is under $100 by mail order.  I made a little adapter that is attached by a lock screw to one of the arms of the caliper.  There is a very small stainless steel pin with a tiny dome shaped head on this attachment that touches the inside surface of the cane and gives the reading of cane thickness.