Maintenance of Your Gouger



You gouger is designed to have easy maintenance.  The most dangerous enemy of your gouger is RUST.  There are three parts of your machine that are made of STEEL and are in danger of rust if proper care is not taken.  The parts are:




You should keep an oil-soaked cotton ball under the blade to keep water from the gouging process from settling on the blade for long periods of time and causing rust to develop.


Keeping the Parallels clean by wiping a rag with a dab of oil on it over the top surface and the front face will keep dirt buildup and rust from forming on these surfaces.


Oil the Main Rod often.  This not only prevents rust but also keeps the carriage moving easily so that you can feel the machine finishing the cane.


Check that all the locking screws are tight.  Check with the SCREW LOCATION DIAGRAM to make sure that you are not tightening an adjustment screw.  You can tighten any LOCK SCREW on the carriage and also the screws on the bottom of the gouger as well as the two screws on the top of the POSTS. 


That is all there is to the daily maintenance.  It should prove very easy.  Just remember to keep the three items above well oiled.