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Cane Preparation




The cane should be planed or cut in a pre-gouger to be 8.0 millimeters across the flat side.  This allows for the proper placement of the cane with respect to the guide during the gouging process.  If the cane is wider than 8.0 mm, it with touch higher up the guide surface during the finishing passes of the blade.  This will result in a slightly thicker gouge. 

Conversely, if the cane is narrower than 8.0 mm, the cane will have less contact with the guide surface and allow the blade to cut more during the final passes.  This is true for ALL Gougers, no matter what make. 

Please note that NARROWING a piece of cane from the sides to be 8.0mm wide is different than PLANING a piece of cane down to the point that it is 8.0mm wide.  See an illustration of my point.

The important lesson here is to check that each piece of cane is "consistent".  If you want consistent results with any gouger, the material it is cutting needs to be consistent as well.

I prefer to narrow the ends of the piece of cane before gouging to help the blade "feed into" the sides.  This also facilitates shaping later.

The cane should be soaked in warm to hot water for a good 15 minutes before it is gouged.  Some people like to gouge with the cane a bit drier if their blade is dull.   You should not gouge with the cane dry, however.