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Butter Cane  

It is frustrating to waste good cane to just check out or adjust a gouging machine.  I am developing a new product that will be known as "Butter Cane".  This material is not intended to be used to make reeds.  It is designed to be used in the place of "good cane" when a machine is being adjusted or having the measurements "checked out". 

Each piece of Butter Cane is molded to be straight and 10.5 mm in diameter.  There is no need to sort through pieces to find one that will work for checking your machine.  Each piece is the same.  This material is used dry so there is not wait time for your cane to soak.

Once you are satisfied with the dimensions of curve produced by a gouger, you can change over to a piece of cane and you are on your way. 

This product is still under development.  The price is also still to be determined.  I do promise, however, that it will be much less than the comparable cost of cane. 

There will be more information and photos posted on this product soon.