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Using the Gouge Point Location Gauge


The most important new feature on this devise is the Gouge Point Location Gauge.  The individual indication lines that you see guides your pencil tip to place a dot at precise locations inside your gouged piece of cane.  Each mark is exactly 1mm arc length apart.  If you shape your cane to be 6.9mm behind the ears, you can measure your pre-shaped cane at the dot that is the 3rd out from the center dot or 3mm arc length out from the center.  You can also easily determine the "rib thickness" of the gouge as well.  That would be the location exactly halfway between the center and the "behind the ears" point.  In this case, you would measure exactly between the 1st and 2nd point out from the center or 1.5mm arc length out from the center.  As you can see, this is a very good inspection tool.


Since we are dealing with small marks and small distances, I like to use a light source with a built-in magnifying glass like the one here that is available at stores like Staples or Office Depot.  This affordable lamp conveniently clips onto the edge of your desk.  It helps to make reading your measurements very easy.   I also use the Caliper Attachment with a pair of digital calipers to have better visibility in measuring the individual locations.





 ORDERING INFORMATION for details on the Radius Gauge / Gouge Point Location Gauge.