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Opus1 Caliper Attachment    Patent Pending

I use a set of electronic calipers to measure my cane.  I have made a little attachment that connects to one of the arms of the caliper.  This attachment has a small pin that becomes the contact point for measuring the gouge dimension.  It is EXTREMELY accurate and easy to read.  Using this setup is very convenient.  You can even ZERO the calipers at any point if you would like to find the difference in measurement between two points.  The attachment can be removed by turning a single screw so the calipers can be used for general measuring.  The units can be in either English or Metric units.

The best feature is that it is no compensation for the "mechanical advantage" you have with the screw thread of a conventional micrometer.  It is very easy to measure soft cane as too thin and hard cane as too thick.  With the caliper, the action is a sliding motion with the thumb.  You can feel the exact contact point with the cane whether it is soft or hard.  This gives you a more consistent measure of your gouge dimension.  The attachment's contact point is very small so you can easily see where you are measuring.

The Calipers that I use are not very expensive when compared to many of the dial indicators and micrometers that are on the market.  This caliper can be purchased from MSC.  This is a machine tool supply company.  They have very fast service and a huge inventory.  There are probably other items in their catalog that would interest you as well.

The information for this caliper is as follow:


Caliper Purchasing Information:



Part #: (click link below to order from MSC)

91098491 SPI Digital Caliper



*please check their website at www.mscdirect.com for latest pricing information.  They have changed this part number in the past.  You can use the above part number when you contract MSC and they will be able to cross-check to find the appropriate caliper. 


Actually, most of their digital calipers will work just fine.  You can do a search with their search engine for "digital calipers".  There is a wide range from which to choose .  Just make sure that the accuracy is 0.0005" or better.  Many units only have an accuracy of 0.001".  It is also nice for the unit to have a manual ON/OFF switch.  Some don't.  If you have any questions, please email me and I will try to help.


Opus1 manufactures and sells that Caliper Attachment that is attached to the lower jaw of calipers like the one pictured to the left. 

Check ORDERING INFORMATION for more details.